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About us
Basing on forty years of auto shift fork producing experience, “ Sixin People” aim at providing the best products and services for the best vehicle to pursue excellence and perfect and strive to make the auto shift fork international famous brand. Besides, “ Sixin People” are also responsible for industry repaying for nation and promoting industry competition.

“Sixin People” always believe in capability promotion is not enough,meanwhile excellent systems are more important. We supply not only elegant products but also elegant guarantee systems.

Sixin Industrial Company in Dingzhou City is the modernized industrial company that mainly consists of Auto Shift fork SubCompany, Mental Products SubCompany and Imports and Exports Trade SubCompany and focuses on casting, machining and imports and exports trades; It produces cast steel parts 2000 tons, stainless steel and non-ferrous casts 800 tons, auto shift fork 1,000,000 sets annually, and 300,000 sets are exported. Main customers: BMW, Kia Motor, FAW, Liberation Auto and so on ; stainless steel casts are all exported to Europe and America.

Sixin company is building the “sixin” brand with spirits of “faithfulness, practicalness, innovation, enterprise” and enhancing the level of competition with enterprise culture all the time. “The further you go, the closer the destination is; and pursuit is endless”. Sixin people would like to go forward , sail far and establish the immortal brand "Sixin" with you hand in hand.
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