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About us

The company founded in 1982 is a professional automobile gear-box shift fork manufacturer.

There are 300 stuff , 1 Carbon steel precision found product line, 2 numerical control machining product lines, 3 shift fork machining product lines now. It produces carbon steel casts 2000 tons and 3 million machining automobile gear-box shift fork, slider, fork axle as well as the relevant products annually. The types have formed series from cars, light-duty vehicles to medium and heavy vehicles.

Mainly completed from: inside and outside clients such as FAW automotive company, Ltd., FAW Liberation gear-box company, Ltd., Iran Saipa group, Getelake transmission system company, Ltd., Zhuzhou Ougerui company etc.

Address: Dingqu road West Bridge No.3, Dingzhou,Hebei province
Post code:073000
Contact person:Feng Wei

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